Monday, May 18, 2009

Inspiration via Addison


This is Addison and she inspires me!

Addison is the daughter of our friend Laura whom we know from the Simple Church we're a part of. Addison started a project to raise funds so she can attend camp this summer. She crafted ink pens into flowers and pots. Anita says they're called Silk Flower Pens.

Addison, with little brother Whitman, with Silk Flower Pens.

Addison's mother Laura explained that Addison had already raised sufficient funds to attend camp this year and that Addison had selected a charity to give the proceeds of her remaining products to.

Addison stated that she decided she wanted to help the children that live and eat from the Dump in Ghana, West Africa.

My eyes immediately stung, welling up with tears as I struggled to maintain my composure and smile, finding it extremely difficult, I gasped for air and heaved a sob. I'm just overwhelmed when anyone wants to help these children that GOD burdened our hearts for.

When that someone is a 10 year old girl, well, it just blows me away.

I'm not trying to bash the traditional church here, but I must share that Anita and I were given an opportunity to do a presentation at a local traditional church and about 75 people were in attendance.

The result was zero kids were sponsored and zero contributions were made towards a water purifier.

We made the same presentation to this Simple Church gathering of five people and ten children were sponsored. In the following week, another child was sponsored, via PayPal by a member that moved to Maine as well as another child via check in the mail, by another member that was present, bringing the total to twelve.

We met the group again last night and Anita was handed a check for three more children at $52 each. I'm not mentioning names here because these folks are servants who seek their reward in heaven. As the evening progressed, I was slipped another check for another child.

Near the end of the evening, Addison walked up to me and handed me $52 and said, here, I'd like to sponsor a child in Ghana. My knees nearly buckled as I looked down at this pretty little redheaded, freckle faced girl with big brown eyes and an infectious smile.

This small group, this Simple Church has reached deep and answered the call to be burdened with us for the kids of the Dump Village in Ghana and sponsored seventeen children.
A handful of folks meeting to seek GOD and be servants in the kingdom and having a profound effect locally and internationally. Ralph Moore at Hope Chapel in Hawaii called this being a Glocal Church. Global and Local.

The primary focus of our meeting last night was to listen to a presentation about sponsoring a refugee family from Burma. Which we unanimously elected to take this project on and be assigned to assist family of four, with two children, adapt to life in the USA. They'll need help with transportation to and from appointments and help with rent, food, furniture etc.

The long process of being accepted into the relocation of refugees program culminates with a $425 per person check from the Federal Government and transportation to a state.
The woman who runs the placement agency, is the only full time paid employee and was herself a refugee from Bosnia. She has two paid part timers and a lot of volunteers. She wants to give back to what helped her find a new life!
Pay it Forward!

That's what Christ does to us. We can't contain it. We give out of the abundance of Christ in our lives.

Little Addison inspires me. If someone with no job, no income, no drivers license, no checking account etc., can take it upon themselves to make something with their own hands, market and sell sufficient quantities to get themselves into something they desire, like camp or school and then take the excess from that and give it to sponsor a child...

well, what excuse do the rest of us have?



We need one $275 solar panel for a water purification unit we're taking to Ghana in July.

We have twelve children left to be sponsored. Can you match Addison's efforts of $52 for...

her and others like her?

If so, you can learn more at There is a link there for PayPal donations as well as here on this blog site. Your $52 provides a child a Uniform, a meal each day and an education for one school year.

More than that it changes the plight of the next generation. It provides Hope for the Future!


I'm honored to know Addison and Inspired by her and the other kids at our Simple Church gathering who can quote scripture and go out and feed the homeless locally and put together projects to sponsor kids in Africa.

Lil' Teddy requested to say goodnight to the Water-Man!


David Lee Waters Sr.,