Friday, December 25, 2009

Mele Kalikimaka

Woke up to a cold, rainy morning.  Stayed in bed a while longer.  Snuggled up with my Angel Baby Doll and gave thanks.

Put on a new long sleeve t-shirt (gift from a neighbor), heated some Chocolate Truffle Coffee, made tea for my butter cup, cut a couple of hefty slices of Cracker Barrel Apple Pie (gift from a friend), put a thick slice of extra sharp cheddar cheese on each and nuked!

Consumed above listed goodness while checking some email and tweets and discovered...

...this in a tweet by @perrynoble , pastor at Newspring church in Anderson, SC.

Just had to share it with Y'all!

** Mele Kalikimaka = Merry Christmas for you non-Hawaiian types!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


"The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope." --Barbara Kingsolver

Monday, December 21, 2009

He who began a good work...

I have to share this devotional I received from a friend, Glenn Burris, Interim President of Foursquare Gospel Church:

Come, Emmanuel


Good morning!

John Mason Neale was born on January 24, 1818. He trained to be an Anglican priest at Trinity College in Cambridge. By most accounts, he was brilliant; a man who could write and speak in more than 20 languages. But he was also feared. In religious circles in the United Kingdom, many feared his intelligence and his insights. He was considered too evangelical, too progressive, and too much a free thinker. Many were afraid he might possibly gain too great an influence.

Instead of getting a parish in London, the church sent him to the Madiera Islands off the northwest coast of Africa. In a sense, he was exiled to this far away place in hopes that he and his ideas would never find root in England. Even in his isolation from mainstream Christianity, he could not keep his dreams submerged. He established the Sisterhood of St. Margaret, from which he began an orphanage, a school for girls, and a house of refuge for prostitutes. Often frail and sickly, Neale continued to steward his unique gifts and passion despite serving with physical limitations and in an obscure place.

Driven by his love for the Scriptures, he not only read the Bible, but he would also read any Scripture-based writing he could get his hands on. He came across an obscure Latin chant called “Psalteroium Canionum Catholicarum.” Some scholars estimate that a monk first compiled these words sometime prior to the 9th century. The text inspired Neale and he decided to translate it into English. The words reverberate with promises concerning the Messiah from Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:23.

Neale, intentionally pushed into obscurity by his assignment, reintroduced the world to Emmanuel, God with us, and Israel as a representative of God’s passionate desire to bring redemption and restoration to all. He empathized with Israel’s “captive, lonely exile.” In the third verse of probably the oldest and still sung Christmas carol, we read:
    “O come, O Dayspring, come and cheer,
    Our spirits by thine advent here;
    And drive away the shades of night,
    And pierce the clouds and bring us light.”
   Chorus: “Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel.”

Now you know the rest of the story. A minister, destined by men for obscurity, rose out of the darkness to share his gift of writing with the world. Don’t ever allow your mind to wonder concerning the purposes and plans God has for you. No man, no system, no power, no demon, and no scheme can ever hold back what the Lord has commanded concerning you.

“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Phil. 1:6 NIV).

Come, Emmanuel, come...

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

IF only one...

IF you could only take one memory into eternity with you, what would it be?

For me, it'd be seeing Christ in my wife's eyes. What more could I want than to look into her eyes for eternity and see everything that is good?


Friday, December 11, 2009

Life Worth Living


We labor for those who thirst. The least of these. We pray for opportunities to share this passion that is born of our surrender to GOD in Christ and service for the kingdom of light!

It reaps eternal benefits and oh the joy when you open the mail and see...

... that we do not labor in vain, and that GOD's Word never comes back empty.

In every presentation, seeds are sown and those who thirst will be served!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Tema Dump - Hope for the Future


This is the Dump, you can see the smoke coming off of it. This shot off of Google Earth.

This is where the children live that your $50 sponsors out of the Dump and into school. Providing a meal per day, a uniform and an education.


YOU are their "Hope for the future."


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Re-Entry - African Beat


We're back not one full day yet and have unpacked and are doing laundry, paying bills, processing many thoughts and images.

A pastor friend of ours stopped by and listened to our stories. It's important to have this. He & his wife are coming over for lunch tomorrow. It'll be nice.

I had to take a nap afterward though. I laid there feeling like i have this better than gold gift and when I share it with others, if they don't seem as excited about it as I do, then somehow it is devalued.

So I almost feel like just closing the doors, taking the phone off the hook and being alone with my thoughts for a few days, maybe a week at least. Let them process themselves out of our frontal lobes.

Fan into flame the ones that we don't want to let die away. And gradually move back into the "swing of things" here.

The enemy was busy before we left and is at it again on our return. We'll not even entertain it's futile efforts to steal our joy!



We're listening to some Ghanaian music and feeling home sick for Ghana.

So many things, like breakfast this morning. We had no milk, so we figured we'd go get some good old southern grits and eggs. One place don't open for breakfast any more and the other is shut down.

So we went to the store and got some milk for cereal with blueberries and banana.

It's just not the same. We had "Rice Watah" in Ghana nearly every morning with sweet bread and strawberry jam and of course fresh pineapple.

We're not greeted by the pitter-patter of tiny feet on the tile, entering our bedroom to play and get a toffee before having to get dressed, eat and go to school.

Our place is in great shape, Frances took great care of the house, plants and our fur babies while we were gone.


Anita and I were just talking about Sunday service in Ghana. Rev James would allow us to speak and burning the time he would normally use for a sermon, and not feeling very well due to some lingering effects of malaria, he would lead worship and the celebration of Christ in our lives was ON!

He's not a great singer, but has passion like I do. And every body and voice rises to join with him as he praises his King.

He took the time, after a long day of travel to Norway, to call and speak to each of us before we left.

We love him more than we can express. He's never asked us for a single thing.

I've some things to process, there are many needs there and we'll set up programs for them so you can seek GOD to find your involvement in them and assist us through pray & sharing these causes far and wide.

We may be back in the USA but our hearts are lingering in Ghana.

Tears already stinging our eyes. We've hung a few gifts on the wall and placed a few on shelves.

Reminders of our role in the Kingdom. Hope that we will once again, be in Ghana, serving side by side with our brothers and sisters there.

It's a place where there is no division because of any thing. It's a place we long for and hope for and pray for.

I can't fully articulate all that it is.

Once that African Rhythm is in you, you just can't shake it off!

It is simply wonderful!

And it is wonderful that GOD brought Anita and I together and that we share the same passion to serve the least of these.

Wonderful is HIS name!


David Lee Waters Sr.,


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ghana - Final Day


Photos & Videos from Jerusalem Gates Academy as well as some from the Feast!

Glad to be headed home to our other freinds and family. Ready to love on our fur babies.

Give thanks to all our contributors, we come bearing gifts!!

And to praise and worship the almighty GOD with the familiar faces of home!


It's hard to transition from this....

to .. water stuff and cut the grass etc.

Please pray for our RE-ENTRY and help us to transition by asking us about the trip, and listening to us share. we really can't contain it and your allowing us to process it all, will HELP more than you know!


David Lee Waters Sr.,


Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 13


Fufu & Goat soup today! All who have been involved in this mission trip will come and share the bounty. We will talk about what we did and what needs to be done.

We have specific burdens from GOD in our hearts, to bring clean and living water to those in need and sponsor children at the school we've adopted, Jerusalem Gates Academy.

There are many many more needs here. We have elected to contribute towards a church that has the hardest working person for the kingdom we've ever met; Pastor John Johnson. The church in Kepeve needs some chiken wire installed around the openings above the walls to keep the bats out.

His tireless efforts and never complain stance, along with his life circumstance of having no bath room facilities in his home, where he lives with a wife and two children; have led us to elect to sponsor his family. We are gifting him with two years paid rent.

Here in Ghana, you have to pay two year's rent in advance. They simply don't extend credit here. If you go to a bank, it's not likely you will qualify, and if you do you will pay 25% interest.

Pastor Johnson travels around on a 125cc motorcycle that Christ Harvests provided for him. He is constantly on the road, planting new churches, encouraging others and he will be following up on our water purification systems. He's bright, to say he's articulate is an understatement as he speaks five languages fluently and he is dedicated to service for the kingdom.

His rent is a mere 25 Ghanian Cedis (gcd) per month and in three months his lease expires. We'd like to see him move to a place with bathroom and kitchen facilities in the house and are told it will cost about 35 gcd.

At the current exchange rate this is: 35 Ghanaian New Cedi = 23.60829 US Dollar.

So we're asking if GOD places a burden in your heart for this man of GOD, please contribute and we will ensure he is moved and as he deserves, more comfortable in his living conditions. has paypal buttons, please indicate Pastor Johnson in the notes.


We spend the day to day wrapping things up. We'll see a presentation byu the kids at Jerusalem gates Academy and we will do some final shopping and then feast on Fufu & Goat soup.

I'm told that the next purification is already planned in both of the villages, Adigbo Tornu and Potwabin, with Pastor Johnson supervising. This is GREAT news and puts our hearts and minds at ease.


I can tell you I feel I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am doing what I was created to do. I've never been happier, never more fulfilled and blessed, pressed down, shaken, stirred and over flowing.

It's been an honor to serve with my team mates, Becky, Davi, and my wife Anita. I've made them laugh and cry and been the source of much entertainment while hoping I wasn't pushing too hard.

Job well done, good and faithful servants.

we could not accomplish any of this mission with out all of you who contributed through prayer, contribution, encouragement, emails and sharing our plight with others.



As I was told last year, "don't be sad it's over, rejoice that it happened!"

We'll be back, bigger and better than ever!


David Lee Waters Sr.,


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 12 - 13


A day of shopping was rather uneventful. We found some great gifts for folks back home and that shopping is just as good if not better in Tema as it is in Accra.

I found this verse of scripture today:

Isaiah 21:14 (New International Version)
bring water for the thirsty; you who live in Tema, bring food for the fugitives.



Today was church and we had a great time! We all got to speak and give thanks and share the stories from the journey.

A few highlights can not escape mention. Victoria, Richie's wife sang for us. As sweet as a song bird, my heart melted. I asked her to sing again and my soul floated towards heaven!


The next notable was that this year, we were surprised and presented with wood carved statues that represent things about us and our mission. It was touching and we were honored by the gesture.


Then it was our turn and we took all the folks here who contributed to our mission, to lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. Another good time had by all. They're our family in Ghana and we so very much appreciate them.

Last year Rev James preached that you could not seek GOD and not find GOD. And I came back to the USA with the knowledge that you could not go to Ghana and not be changed forever!

Evidence of some transformations -

Finally, Anita ran into an old friend named Abigail that some of you may know from previous trips to Ghana.

And they embraced like the sisters they are.
We'll never be the same and we wish it would never end. The journey has just begun. Our water purification ministry and child sponsorship will continue and we pray the team that comes next year will grow as well.
We look forward to coming and sharing with you further!
You ready to join us? We're ready for you, as you are! Please contact us at
David Lee Waters Sr.,

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 12


At the end of each day, our team has a pow-wow to share about the day and the mission ahead. I thought today about how many "moments" there were.

We've been so busy, I've not had much time to write, but to just pop some photos on for ya and get some rest.

We're pretty much done and just have church & Jerusalem Gates Academy left to do.

But as I recalled, comparing of course to last year, there were more significant moments this year.

Looking back I can recall at each place we visited this year, something that stands out and when I can process it better I will blog about it.

I am very tired. Nothing short of total exhaustion has been acceptable this time around.

GOD will give back everything you expend, be it money, energy, food, good will, kind words etc.

So proud of Grace and her Mama, Rebbecca in Potwabin.

They and every one here always makes us feel like family.
I learned, how are you and response in Twi - fun practicing and messing up. Everyone encourages you and appreciate that you're trying to learn.
Headed for bed at 9:30PM after a 1AM night last night.
David Lee Waters Sr.,

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 11


Potwabin part II

We returned to Potwabin to complete the water purification installation as promised!

I had thought numerous times about how to weasel out of it so I could go shopping with the girls, (Becky, Davi & Anita) on Saturday, tomorrow.

I reasoned that I'd trained numerous people and rationalized that everything would be okay without me.

I missed the Accra market last year and I was thinking selfishly. GOD wouldn't let me out of it, so I resigned myself to go to make the return to Potwabin and began the positive thinking that the eternal optimist that I am usually maintains. I'd get to see Grace again and GOD would get the glory. I travelled six thousand miles to install water purification systems and I made a promise to finish what was started. GOD is doing the same with me.

Turns out that we returned from the northern trip a day early and we completed the Potwabin purifier today!

It was once again a grand celebration with me teaching the kids my water dance afterward! (I'll show you some video of it when I'm back, maybe even put a blurb on YouTube!)

Anita cried a bit on the way down the road, leaving Potwabin. I felt what she displayed. I miss it already. We need another week!!!!!

We left behind some clothing for the village and rewarded ourselves with a Fanta Orange on the ride home.

It's 12:03 AM now and we're in the living room with Rev Jame & Mary discussing the wonder of GOD and life.

You can not seek GOD and not find GOD.

You can not come to Ghana and not be changed forever!


All that remains is shopping on Saturday, Church on Sunday followed by our team taking the fine folks that have taken incredible care of us every step of the way, and then Jerusalem Gates Academy on Monday morning, followed by party down with FuFu & Goat soup at Rev James' place with all the folks we've come to know here this trip!

And flying back to the USA on Tuesday!


See ya soon!

David Lee Waters Sr.,


Check out

Ghana Day 9-10


I'll be short here, to get up to date. Photo's from these days are already in an online album at

From Adigbo Tornu we went to Alavanyo, and after a long arduous journey down a long, dark, beyond bumpy dirt road, and a walk into a remote location under trees & a thatch canopy. With one drum and no amplified instruments or voices, they romped and stomped the absolute best on this trip! In three months they grew from four to thirty eight. That night there were ninety eight in attendance!!!! See us Obruni's draw a crowd round about these parts!

On the next day to Logba Tota, one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is a much appreciated haven for a much deserved R&R break! I'm sad to say that the spirit is not the same in the church there. Some problems were addressed in the leadership meeting the next day and a session of intense prayer was in order. We washed feet and sought the Lord's presence earnestly.

I definitely made a trip to the mountain top. Tota means moutain top. GOD met us there!

All has been good, no rain and travelling mercies abounding!

LU All,

David Lee Waters Sr.,


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ghana 09 Day 7 - 8


Every day here seems like atleast two. Because we usually do something in the morning and then something in the evening and sometimes, like this week, we then continue on down the road to the thrid place and get good a wore out before we call it a day.

Hey, when it's for the kingdom, anything less than total exhaustion is nearly inexcusable. Travelling 6000 miles to get here and lazing around don't cut it. We're burdened and burn out is not in our vocabulary. We can adjust when we get back.

It's been gruelling, challenging and incredibly rewarding!

I'll only blog about a few places we went, and blog some more tomorrow, which by the way we get to visit Grace again tomorrow!


So we set out on the journey to the Volta region, over the Akosambo bridge to the city of Ho, and met a Reverend "ThyWill" there. He had a very nice home and a huge church right next door. We then went to LaboLabo and met the teachers and children and preacher there. We danced with praised the Lord and danced with the ladies and the kids. It was an informal meet & greet but we broke the ice and Rev James is planting seeds for the kingdom here.

We went back to Ho and got a hotel room. A rare find unless you're in a big city in this country. It was nice with A/C, hot shower and comfy bed. Included breakfast too!

We headed out then that evening to Kpeve, Pastor Johnson's church, and I was asked to go to a local radio station for a 1/2 hour program. When I sat down in the studio, the DJ began asking me about the "Program" tomorrow, which I took to mean our water purification installation in Adigbo Tornu.

I soon figured out that the "Program" was a planned revival, in which Anita and I were two of the Featured speakers.

I'm told this is not uncommon in Ghana to be the featured guest without knowing it.

Poor folks, started at 9am and went at it until 3pm, then waited until 4:30pm for me to show up, which I never did. Why? Because we did not have phone reception and no one with me knew we were the featured speakers. Simply amazing. It was fun being on the radio, but missing the 6 newspapers that were there to interview us the next day, that stings a little bit.

But GOD had a plan and we, despite many little diversions, were able to succeed and provide clean water to the people of Adigbo Tornu, leaving there well after dark, near 7:30pm.

The installation completion was an absolute victory in my mind and in my heart. Just ask Anita, Becky, Davi & Richie. I cut loose in a major way and was the entertainment for the next 3 hours. More another time on that.

We proceded down a very bumpy road to Alavanyo and worshipped into the night, with one light bulb, under some trees, tarps and thatch.

Those people raised the roof! I love this singing and dancing. Man-O-Man, they let loose! No amplified instrument or voices, just a drum and some shakeres, like a tamborine and some serious shake it down now, what'cher Reverend say rompin stompin celebration!
I LOVE it!

Time to let the pictures tell the story...








Adigbo Tornu (Tornu means by the water)


GOD burdened our hearts for the people of Aigbo Tornu and all those who thirst for clean water. The 2nd most basic human physical need next air.

In the end, she doesn't have much choice, the choice is (y)ours.

We pray you join us on a mission trip to Ghana to make and BE the difference in lives like these.


David Lee Waters Sr.,

In ALL ways acknowledge GOD and GOD will direct your paths!