Sunday, June 14, 2009

Water Purification with the BIG BOYZ!


Anita and I asked to go see how the Big Boyz did Water Purification.
So we called our good Friend and County Council representative, Mary Lynn Kinley who promptly arranged for us to tour the plant.

Otis Williams is the head honcho and water guru extraordinaire locally. He's got more certifications than I can shake a stick at. It lets me sleep well at night knowing knowledgeable folks are handling the most basic need of life that we often take for granted.

I must say we were honored to go see how the Town Of Winnsboro handles the water that comes into our homes!
Otis showing David how with modern computer technology, he can monitor flow rates at the strategically located water towers that feed the town and surrounding areas.

We can purify up to 55 gallons per minute with our little portable device we're taking to Ghana.
These guyz are pumping, at times, more than 2000 gallons per minute!

Otis explains to Anita how the introduction of Alum to the Raw water brought in from the reservoir, adheres to the particulate in the water and gels, suspended in the middle of these tanks, where clarification takes place. It gradually sticks to other small masses that form larger masses and drop to the bottom.

Only the debris free water flows over the top, through these grooves and on to the next step of Carbon Filtering

Otis shows David the introduction of Chlorine from the tanks on the right through a Venturi type vacuum process, very similar to ours, but on a much grander scale.

Fluoride is added at a later step and finally another chemical to prevent break down of the lines carrying the water to our homes.


Back at home we were preparing our team to go to Ghana and empower others to purify their contaminated sources of water.

Here David is explaining how the Venturi creates a vacuum as the water is passing through it, which then pulls the Chlorine gas off the top of the salt water brine that has 12 volts applied to it (electrolysis) causing the chlorine gas to be released.

Pointing to the bubbles of chlorine gas now on its way into the tank of contaminated water for sufficient contact time to kill the bacteria. This also provides a bit of ozonation (introduction of an additional oxygen molecule) which beefs up the purification process.

Additionally, David, with Davi looking on from afar, shows Becky & Craig how Hydrogen molecules are extracted as well, resulting in Sodium Hydroxide on one side of the electrolysis hub and another byproduct of the process is bleach on the other side.


Inside, Anita commenced Hygiene Training.

** Did you know, the single most significant thing you can do to prevent diarrhea is hand washing? **

Anita with Davi, Becky and Craig.

One of the exercises involved drawing a map of a village. Another involved what you see here, making food from play dough-clay. I think these are peas and carrots

This looks like a nice slab of Tuna or Salmon with a green bean, but Craig said it was a hamburger patty and asparagus.

All in all, I was very impressed with the Town Water process and with our team's preparation.

GOD just keeps taking us to the next level.

Today, we went to a different church to hear some preaching rather than teaching. Both are good, but we just felt the Lord leading us to go there. And sure enough, right on the bulletin was something about GOD taking you to the next level.

And the pastor got out from behind the pulpit and let the spirit flow and people flooded the altar. We all left knowing we'd grown and been challenged and experienced the Spirit of the resurrected Christ who calls us to Serve, regardless of our age, stature or past!

The weak shall be strong and humble the wise!

Amen, so be it!


* We got an invitation to do a presentation next week at another church in another city that wants to sponsor a purifier!

** We got five more kids sposnored!!!

*** we have just two children left that need sponsored ***

Just $52 provides a meal per day, a uniform and an education for a child that would other wise continue to live in and eat from a Dump!


GOD exceeds our needs!

David Lee Waters Sr.,