Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ghana Clean Water & Schools program



Well this trip brought about change for us forever and it's time to begin bringing about change for those we encountered.

Clean drinking water is a NEED for the village of Adigbo Tornu. Please watch this video I discovered and consider joining us in this prayerfully and financially.

Pure Water _ Edge Outreach

We received an email back from this Edge Outreach and plan to attend a conference to be trained on how to install this type of system. I believe it can take the place of a well for less money, in those cases where there is a source of water like a stream.

Here is the email:

Mr. Waters,
Thanks so much for your email! It was great to receive your message. I was looking at your website, and it sounds like your group is doing some great work! The water purifier that we use is $1000, and it could be a great fit for your well situations. Have you tested the water to know specific contaminants?
We also do a variety of training from water purification and hand pump repair to hygiene education. Just let us know what other information we can provide you and please feel free to call us at the office (502-568-6342). We would love to give you more information, tell you more about EDGE, and learn more about what you do.
If you will be in the country, one thing I would like to let you know about is an upcoming opportunity for training and mobilization. EDGE will host its 3rd Annual Water Purification Conference October 8-11. We will have training in water purification, hand pump repair, hygiene education, water testing, and more. There is a link on our site to the registration page:
We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please be in touch.
Blessings in your endeavors,
Adrienne Keller
** we need three of these !!
So please commit this to prayer and if the Lord leads you to help us to raise funds by having a bake sale or a plate dinner or a car wash or a yard sale or saving and committing your spare change or giving directly or making and selling something then by all means answer the call and contact us at . Writing letters to corporations, organizations, groups, churches, small businesses would help as well. Petition, as we know the parable of the peristent widow that Jesus told.

The children from the dump are in NEED of a new school building. Theirs is slated to be torn down. Land has been secured for them, but they need a building. I'm shooting for $7k on this. Imagine if we could build schools for $7k.

This is the Elementary Shcool. They also have a Jr. High

These are some of the kids. You can sponsor tuition for one child for $54 a year or $18 per term.

This is the head master, Julius' wife.

They believe we will be back to see them again with good news.

Remember this is where the kids from the dump go to school, when they can afford it. Most can't afford it. I believe the only way we can change the plight of the dump folks is to educate the younger generation and empower them to be self sufficient. Stopping the process of handing down this life style due to no alternatives. No Hope.


People want to know this Jesus that sent us from so far away to help them in their helplessness.

I believe one day in heaven, that someone will walk up to you with a text book or a bible and tell you how it changed their life and they'll thank you. I know that in their living years, they will give thanks to GOD for Christ in you that brought you to be involved. I believe their prayers will be heard and your life will be blessed more than you can ask or imagine.

I believe if you went there with me, when you visited the dump, you'd want to blow chunks like I did. You'd feel as though you were just punched in the stomach at the thought of this child, who has been rescued from that dump and is living at the school with the headmaster & family now,

having to return to the despicable conditions of eating trash like this child.

YOU can make the difference in these kids life. A large bag of rice is $80. A bag that contains 5 small bags cost $50. It goes a long way to making a difference in their lives. But food is for the belly and what they NEED is a school where they can go, tuition paid to educate them and provide the uniform and food to feed them and ultimately change the plight of future generations.

Please just commit it to prayer. I believe the same Faithful GOD that exceeds our needs will meet and exceed their needs as well!


FYE - Selah "Great is Thy Faithfulness"

Would you believe I sound EXACTLY like this when I sing it?

I didn't think so :o)


You can donate through Pay pal to the WEM Ghana Clean Water / Schools program with Paypal


Peace to you All !!

David Lee Waters Sr.,

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Short Term, Long Term, 30-60-100

Check out at for current short term mission opportunities.


Thankfully, I didn't do anything this extreme !

But I'm surely changed forever,

for the better!


Anita and I used to get temporary tattoos when we'd go to the beach.

Then Anita experienced something special to me, Plumeria flowers in Hawaii.

And she got tagged for life!

So glad it's not short term!


Romans 8:28 tells us we are More Than Conquerors :

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, whohave been called according to his purpose.

Yesterday I mentioned my weed eater being stolen and ya know, that thing was falling apart. I was about to order some parts for it and it had the blower attachment on it at the time. So, who ever got it, may be in for a bit of a surprise when they go to use it. And having all the extra parts to make the only one available at the store work even though it was missing parts. Well, that's just GOD looking out for me.

I believe that!

This is my story, this is my song,

praising my Saviour, all the day long.....


GOD's word does not go out and come back empty. Please pray that as I sow seed it will fall on receptive soil:

Matthew 13:23But the one who received the seed that fell on good soil is the man who hears the word and understands it. He produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown."


It all starts with what you believe ~ Selah

Peace to you all -

David Lee Waters Sr.,

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Still Walking the Pages, Gnawing return..., Trusting GOD


I imagine the interview process was pretty intense when the first men came back from outer space or the moon. Did they see Moon people? Did they experience anything that wasn't revealed over the radio or video. I'm sure a team of experts were involved.

So here I am, still reeling from the mission trip to Ghana. A transformational one that has me up at 5:30 AM typing to you about it. I'm reminiscing, looking at pictures, watching videos. Processing it all. I get that 1000 yard stare. I want to talk about it. I want to share it with others and they don't seem to be interested. It's as though they'll politely listen for a few minutes then change the subject, not fully embracing it and I'm found wandering in my mind again... back...

...back to walking the pages of Anita's book. Even the unwritten pages. What I mean by that is there are things I know that she has shared with me, that have happened on her return and even as many times as she tried to share with me, I never really "got it" until I went and experienced it myself.

And now, here I am, experiencing the same after math process. Anita said on her first return in 2001, she sat in a chair and cried for three weeks. I'm not doing that, but I have had a sudden outburst of emotion wash over me like a tidal wave. Way down deep. So severely moved that I felt like blowing chunks. I think about hearing pastors that spoke of Jesus looking back at Jerusalem and having compassion. That he was so deeply moved, he lost the contents of his stomach or groaned inwardly, in the deepest and innermost places.

I picture the child and the woman at the dump. The face of Cedric. The children with no parents at the orphanage. The kids at Jerusalem Gates Academy, whose rickety school is going to be torn down. I think about, I know about the call GOD has placed on my life, so far down inside that I can't shake it.

There is no decompression. Only a further burdening. Only a gnawing yearning to return. This mission trip was more than a trip or an experience. It wasn't a paradigm shift but a culmination of many past events in our lives and clear direction for our future ministry and personal lives.

I remember when I got out of the military, I threw myself into my work and told employees that their every decision should be in the best interest of the company. Even when they're off the clock that they should be getting enough sleep in order to come and give an honest days work for an honest days pay. I mean if you come and give only 80%, you'll still receive 100% of your pay check will you not?

So, with clear direction, I feel that Anita and I have to act accordingly. I got to speak at length with Davi last night and it was delightful. She is another burdened for Ghana soul. And we found it hard to stop the conversation and we could just about finish each others sentences. We have a common ground that others don't understand.

I'm transformed.
The choice has been made,
There is no looking back.
I have stepped over the line.
I won’t let up, back up,
Give up, or shut up.
My focus is clear,
My path straight,
My GOD reliable,
I'm returning to Ghana...

... Again and again until HE returns or I'm taken home to forever be with HIM. I'm ruined. Nothing will ever be the same. I will long for souls to go and experience the same transformational experience. I'm at another level. One I'd been seeking. Praying for "more," is a dangerous thing folks. Praying for all GOD has to give is a fearfully wonderful process of surrender and exciting answer. Knowing full well that you will walk through the valley and in the shadows, but that HIS light will invade all darkness and being a vessel of HIM is the ultimate of purpose in this life.

You will reach the mountain top and yearn for it over and over again, even as the glory of HIS presence fades from your face.

I pray that you will pray and surrender all. It was easy for me, to see that GOD's way was better than my destructive plight. Though in surrender I did pray, "GOD please don't send me to Africa." I knew, I knew, I knew, that when I prayed that prayer, that I'd surrendered to the point where I was willing to go anywhere, anytime for any length. And it still scares me.

In my flesh I don't want to spend the next 30 years in a slum in Nairobi. But that is not the calling on my life. It is as I find, the usual opposite of what I'd thought. GOD's funny that way and I love it.

As I spoke that last Sunday to the congregation at Christ Harvests the Nations in Tema, Ghana. On the continent of Africa; I told the people that I'd come there thinking I was a missionary from the USA. When in fact, GOD has revealed to me, that everything I find so fascinatingly wonderful, how GOD had prepared Anita and I for each other and for HIS purposes, was to be a missionary to the USA.

To bring the experience back here and share it and pray that the Spirit works it's magical process on a willing heart and soul to answer the call and join us on a mission, closer than ever to GOD and to another level in our Spiritual life. To Ghana, the land with a Spirit of Akwaaba (Welcome) that will never be forgotten and will always be calling, from within.

Fufu and Goat Soup, mmm mmm Good!

You know when you experience the Spirit of GOD. You will not be doing what you used to do. Things that used to bring joy, fade away. Replaced by a burden on your heart. Possibly and probably an unpopular one among those who know and love you. You're there among them, but you're somewhere else. Your wildest imagination never saw this, but it feels so right, like a garment made for you long ago, when you were fearfully and wonderfully made and knit together in your Mother's womb.

Anita was the birthing place of this ministry, before we met. Before we had any idea this was what we'd do as a servant team for the kingdom. Her inability to forget a little girl named "Grace." Her GOD gifted ability to write about it and express her experience. The Spirit upon that message that convicted others to Act, upon it and seek out this little girl from a remote village in West Africa called Potwabin.

The notoriety of that team making ripples to another place in the lake that felt the travelling waves from the stone Anita cast into it, disturbing the universe from end to end. Shaking up the world to heaven's purpose, with Angels scurrying about and the Spirit searing hearts with burning passion to Go and Be the Church.
The very body of Christ.

Anita's writing, ripples, passion, ability, inability, answering of the prompting by the Holy Spirit of GOD; Jesus with us, regardless of popularity, to birth a chain reaction of events that brought this tiny village, a healed girls face that smiles today and a Well for healthier members of the community and electricity.

GOD"s blessings, pressed down, shaken and over flowing.
Folks, this is what I'm talking about. This is what can happen in your life if you're willing to do One thing.


Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:4-6 (NIV)

I'm married to the gift, the author, and I get to look into the eyes of this blessing. The birthing place of this thing that is bigger than any of us. We're unable to contain it and it's over flowing. Please, if you're feeling any prompting, pray about it and contact us. ~ Selah

There are 16 online photo albums now available that I uploaded yesterday using Google's Picasa, if you're interested.

Also please be sure to check out Anita's blog, "The Silver Lining" at


I'm wearing a bracelet that states, "I have a Heart for Africa." I pray one day, you do too!
I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26 (NIV)

Peace out - Ghana on my mind !

David Lee Waters Sr.,

Friday, August 8, 2008

Delayed but back!

As you leave RJ's the next door neighbor has this plant out front, which I too have in front of my house. It was nice to see a reminder each day as we headed out.

This is a sad sight. It's the last look back at a mud hole leaving the road to RJ's house. We went through that mud hole many times in and out of this community.

Hug-a-byes at the Airport with Richie.

Anita's classy, business dressed friends Ruth and Ato came to see us off at the airport.

This is the taxi that took us most places. A car made in India, drivin by Fifi. First time Anita had A/C ( I requested that :o) )

Anita gets that deer in the head lights look when she has to leave Ghana. I shed some tears as well.

Soon we were trying to get some shut eye, but to no avail.

We departed Accra, Ghana on time....

We took one last look back as we left the African continent behind.


The delay began on US soil. We touched down at JFK in NYC on time and then had to sit on the taxi way for more than an hour and our domestic flight to Charlotte was delayed and delayed and delayed.

We nearly spent the night in NYC. We finally made it to Charlotte by 2:30 AM, and to Anita's by 4:30AM.


It's going to take some processing / digesting of it all before we're fully back to the swing of things here. I got a good start during the flight journaling the revelations and vision for the future. Thank you all so much for sharing. I hope and pray you join us next time. I promise you will NEVER be the same!

We would LOVE the opportunity to come and share more with you. If your group or church would entertain this idea, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Waters Edge Ministries

David Waters & Anita Tarlton &


* I believe you'll be happy to know that we both plan to write more books.

** I'll post pictures of our last full day, where people went out of their way to come and eat with us and spend some time before our departure. It really made us feel significant, worthy to be more than just acquaintenances; more than just friends. We're family and we'll miss each other and rejoice when we can get together again.


Peace out -

David Lee Waters Sr.,


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Homeward bound



It's been more than fascinating it's been wonderfully GREAT ! :o)

We look forward to sharing more.

Here's a video of Anita, Richie and the kids at the beach. It was as though they were our own kids and we fully enjoyed them.


We'll be home late Fridy night.

Peace out -

David Lee Waters Sr.,

Yesterday, Today & The Last Full Day in Ghana


We're having a big ho-down.shin-dig today. We killed and prepared two goats yesterday. Most will go in a goat soup which I had in Logba Tota, but I took some of the meat and have marinated it with crushed Pinapple and garlic in a ziplock and placed it in the fridge over night. YUM! we'll grill that stuff!

We shopped and bought large quantities of all kinds of fruits and vegetables to supplement the meal. We're actually ging to make our own Fufu!!! I get to pound the casava and plantains in Fufu, while some brave soul folds it!

We searched the market place high and low for gifts for friends and contributors that helped make all this possible. It wasn't easy finding or deciding on what but I believe we made appropriate choices and the folks will like the choices we made.


I really like the direction Rev. James is leading. He is returning us to our first love. He has sought the Lord and relinquished all control to the Holy Spirit. Every meeting and service has been Spirit filled with signs and wonders and people growing hungry for more. At times it's been exhausting to keep up. I know I wasn't seeking as much because I was already full and worn out, but Rev, James inspires to get all GOD has to give! To surrender all.

I believe everyone who is willing to surrender like this will see blessings poured out in their lives that are more than they can ask or imagine. I believe that a fire is starting here and it will take off like a wild grass fire and spread far and wide.


Some photo's from Shopping yesterday -

The cows, the goats the people, dig through the trash.

Usually these women don't use their hands. every where you will see them carrying amazing loads, hands free. All the people are so enterprising. When the government was not supllying the needs and jacking prices up, the people took it to the streets and there are stalls and people walking and selling everything from produce and meats to furniture and appliances. All roadside. Even prepared food and drink, as they snake in and out of traffic along the very busy roads that appear to have lttle to no driving rules. Amazingly their accident rate is incredibly low.


More later... Just wanted to have something up to greet you this morning!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Full Day, Dump, Produce, Artful Shopping and Critters


We finally made it to the Dump. It was a blow to my stomach. I almost blew chunks. I was really moved down deep. The stench was heavy in the air. I believe the photos will speak for themselves and when I return, I will share the video....

Where they live

What they eat

A child

An anguished Mother


It was a full day. We paid a visit to the US Embassy in the capital city, Accra and was unable to contact the vice consular, Peter Lee. Please write to the US Embassy in Ghana requesting permission for Richie to be granted a visa to visit us in the USA and share the ministry here. Richie has applied 7 times and been denied for no good reason.
Consular Section No. 19 Fifth Link Rd. Cantonments, AccraAccra, Ghana Telephone: (233) 21-741-100Fax: (233) 21-741-362/741-426 Email:
I have written to Senator Lindsey Graham.
** update, I spoke to Peter Lee and he has given me no more hope. The system is the system and it's a coin toss when you apply for a US visa of any kind.

While in Accra we went to a road side market. The art work caused me to think of my friend Glenn, who designed the cover of my book. Here are some photos from there.

On the way back we stopped at a roadside produce market to re-up on pineapples and stuff!

Sure is a long way from what those folks in the dump get. Fresh and delicious.


This woman's produce was not as bright and vibrant as the others available and her face reveals a similar life.

I shared some scripture,

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.(Jeremiah 29:11)

and a prayer to "bless her indeed", just as Jabez prayed, she was smiling as we left.

Now I can't pass up the little critters.. So Mary Lynn, I KNOW you'll be enjoying this...


We finished the day with a Men's and Women's ministry meeting. Anita and I spoke to our relative gender. We both discussed our relationship. People see us interact and they want what we have. Relationships and gender roles are clearly defined here.

I reminded the men of what Pastor Ralph Moore, who performed our wedding in Hawaii, reminded me of during our union. There is four times as much instruction to men about loving their wives, than there is about women submitting to their husbands.

I told them it was easy for me to serve the Lord, to surrender because I came to the point where I knew my way would just mess things up and I believed GOD had a better way and I was ready to Trust GOD fully. I used to pray please don't send me to Africa. Look at me now. If GOD calls, I'll answer.

And that in that total surrender I am led to love my wife like she's never been loved before, all the days of my life forever more. I wake up each morning and tell her that she is beautiful and i love her. That our relationship runs on prayer and a communication that appreciates and reciprocates.

The men wanted what we have in their relationships so I said I would pray that they make many mistakes and become convinced that GOD has a better way. And that when i see them next, they will tell me how their heart flutters and their eyes light up when their wife walks in the room or they come home from work.

Anita told of making a list and praying for a mate and they just howled when she told them I do all the cooking! :o)


We shop today and prepare for the send off party tomorrow since we leave early Thursday morning. I'm sure gonna miss this place. But we have a mission to be obedient to. I pray you've enjoyed the ride along. We sure appreciate the encouraging emails.


Love & Prayers,

David Lee Waters Sr.,

Monday, August 4, 2008

Birthing.. Family Photos

MamaeAnita is such an appropriate name for my wife. It was her trips here and book that inspired myself and some I know to make this journey, like Bonnie Hood and Davi Trotti. The woman that Anita met yesterday named Happy told Anita she is the birthing place of a powerful ministry for here. Anita gave Happy a copy of her book. I know she will learn that her words were spot on.
David & Chief Takyi (Tachee). We bonded immediately and were inseperable. I'll see him for the last time this evening.

(front row left to right)- Chief Takyi, Rev James Godlly, Lil-Anita, Richie holding Jr., Mary holding Kelsy, and Abigail holding Alexandra.

(back row left to right)- Stephen (takes RJ's kids to school), Victoria(Richies Wife), Me, Anita Ato(Ah-Too) and wife Ruth holding child Edith Nora

Rev James and family

The Silver Lining, GOD's gift, my reward, my spoiled rotten Angelic Baby Doll, Mamae-Anita

She even does dishes.


Anita and I had Hawaiian Pizza and some ice cream, and I had to try the fried chicken. It is spicey. They do not have regular fried chicken. Seems things are either bland or spicey, no in between and definitely not much sweet, except the natural fruit!

I just wanted to share some photo's from yesterday before we head out today, filming at the dump and maybe some shopping at the market in Accra.

Unfortunately the water has been off since last night, and the help is gone. Abigail attends school during the week and Emanuel had to go see his mother who is ill and lives 4 hours away. So Anita and I fetched some water and did the dishes after another splendid breakfast.

I can't remember if I shared this already or not. Please forgive me if I have, but when we were in Kpeve, and I was preaching, I said the Lord had given me a specific number, 42, and I wrote it down three times. Once on the plane on the way over and twice that evening as I prepared to speak.

So I wanted to find out who was in need of $42 without giving the number, we asked if anyone had a super urgent need that money would solve. I mean we all could use a few buckaroos, well Cedi's here, which by the way we get about 106 Cedi's for $100 US dollars.

No one jumped out of their seat so we left it with the pastor and felt maybe someone who was not in attendance was in need of that exact amount.

As we were leaving an elderly woman walked up to Anita and handed her a hand written note on a crumpled piece of notebook paper and swiftly walked away. I asked about it and Anita wanted to read it later.

So the next day we looked at it and it askled us to please help with an orphanage. It had a name and a phone number. I asked the pastor, who was still with us, now in Logba, about 45 minutes from Kpeve, to call the phone and inquire but he did not get an answer and he did not know the woman personally to verify that she indeed had an orphanage. I looked at the note again and began to add up the digits in the phone number.

It added up to 42. Selah ~


More later... be sure to check out Anita's blog at