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Ghana Clean Water & Schools program



Well this trip brought about change for us forever and it's time to begin bringing about change for those we encountered.

Clean drinking water is a NEED for the village of Adigbo Tornu. Please watch this video I discovered and consider joining us in this prayerfully and financially.

Pure Water _ Edge Outreach

We received an email back from this Edge Outreach and plan to attend a conference to be trained on how to install this type of system. I believe it can take the place of a well for less money, in those cases where there is a source of water like a stream.

Here is the email:

Mr. Waters,
Thanks so much for your email! It was great to receive your message. I was looking at your website, and it sounds like your group is doing some great work! The water purifier that we use is $1000, and it could be a great fit for your well situations. Have you tested the water to know specific contaminants?
We also do a variety of training from water purification and hand pump repair to hygiene education. Just let us know what other information we can provide you and please feel free to call us at the office (502-568-6342). We would love to give you more information, tell you more about EDGE, and learn more about what you do.
If you will be in the country, one thing I would like to let you know about is an upcoming opportunity for training and mobilization. EDGE will host its 3rd Annual Water Purification Conference October 8-11. We will have training in water purification, hand pump repair, hygiene education, water testing, and more. There is a link on our site to the registration page:
We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please be in touch.
Blessings in your endeavors,
Adrienne Keller
** we need three of these !!
So please commit this to prayer and if the Lord leads you to help us to raise funds by having a bake sale or a plate dinner or a car wash or a yard sale or saving and committing your spare change or giving directly or making and selling something then by all means answer the call and contact us at . Writing letters to corporations, organizations, groups, churches, small businesses would help as well. Petition, as we know the parable of the peristent widow that Jesus told.

The children from the dump are in NEED of a new school building. Theirs is slated to be torn down. Land has been secured for them, but they need a building. I'm shooting for $7k on this. Imagine if we could build schools for $7k.

This is the Elementary Shcool. They also have a Jr. High

These are some of the kids. You can sponsor tuition for one child for $54 a year or $18 per term.

This is the head master, Julius' wife.

They believe we will be back to see them again with good news.

Remember this is where the kids from the dump go to school, when they can afford it. Most can't afford it. I believe the only way we can change the plight of the dump folks is to educate the younger generation and empower them to be self sufficient. Stopping the process of handing down this life style due to no alternatives. No Hope.


People want to know this Jesus that sent us from so far away to help them in their helplessness.

I believe one day in heaven, that someone will walk up to you with a text book or a bible and tell you how it changed their life and they'll thank you. I know that in their living years, they will give thanks to GOD for Christ in you that brought you to be involved. I believe their prayers will be heard and your life will be blessed more than you can ask or imagine.

I believe if you went there with me, when you visited the dump, you'd want to blow chunks like I did. You'd feel as though you were just punched in the stomach at the thought of this child, who has been rescued from that dump and is living at the school with the headmaster & family now,

having to return to the despicable conditions of eating trash like this child.

YOU can make the difference in these kids life. A large bag of rice is $80. A bag that contains 5 small bags cost $50. It goes a long way to making a difference in their lives. But food is for the belly and what they NEED is a school where they can go, tuition paid to educate them and provide the uniform and food to feed them and ultimately change the plight of future generations.

Please just commit it to prayer. I believe the same Faithful GOD that exceeds our needs will meet and exceed their needs as well!


FYE - Selah "Great is Thy Faithfulness"

Would you believe I sound EXACTLY like this when I sing it?

I didn't think so :o)


You can donate through Pay pal to the WEM Ghana Clean Water / Schools program with Paypal


Peace to you All !!

David Lee Waters Sr.,

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